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Kline's Trucking Inc.

Meet our Employees

Ken Kline


Mr. Kline founded Kline's Trucking in 2004 and conducted business as a sole proprietor until 2016 when he decided to expand and Incorporate.  Mr. Kline is a good hearted, honest, hard working man who wanted to  build a company to pass to his children while providing jobs to family and friends.  Mr. Kline operates our end dump tractor trailer# 726 and spends most of his free time conducting repairs on his fleet.

Megan Moore

Treasurer/Secretary / Office Manager / Dispatcher

Megan Moore (aka Megan Kline) is the daughter to Ken Kline.  She has completed invoices for her father since he started trucking in 2004.  When Mr. Kline incorporated, Ms. Moore came on board to help with a wide array of tasks including: payroll, taxes, invoicing, book keeping, and scheduling trainings and meetings.  Although Megan has her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, she still wanted to help with her father's company.  In 2017, Megan left her commonwealth career to start dispatching for Kline's Trucking and in November of 2017 completed her Broker Training.

Joe Kimmel


Mr. Kimmel (Mr. Kline's nephew) is our senior employee.  He has been helping out part time since August 2016 and started full time in October 2018.  You can find him driving our dump truck# 712.      

Nathan Welch


Mr. Welch, a distant relative,  joined us in October 2020.  He has proven to be a reliable & hard working employee and we are glad to have him.  You can find Nathan in our triaxle truck# 715 

Open position


Currently hiring for our triaxle truck # 716